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President’s Address to the first AGM – ‘As I have the honour to be your life-long President, I am here today to welcome you at this, our first General Meeting.  I think first of all I would like to remind you of the aims of the Association as they are set out in the Constitution…’ 1947 1 pp.5-8
Notes on Movement Therapy (Lisa Ullmann) 1983 71 pp.19-21
Conversations between Laban and myself in 1926 – Martin Gleisner 1980 65 pp.16-19
Address to the AGM August 1974 – The Psychological Effect of Movement – ‘Movement can discharge or intensify inner states of mind.  Why move at all?  It is essential for life and its aspects.  It is related to value, multi-dimensional value.’ 1951 6 pp.5-6
What has led you to study movement? – ‘I will try to recollect a few stepping stones of this arduous path, but they will inevitably lead me up to the present moment because the impetus to study movement is a steady stream which goes flowing on and on.’ 1951 7 pp.9-12
Letter to all Guild Members – response to letters received during his illness – ‘…a circle of friends had decided to build up an art of movement centre (Addlestone)…’ 1954 12 pp.5-9
From Far and Near – ‘…a selection of tributes to Mr Laban received from former colleagues and pupils’ – including Suzanne Perrotet, Sylvia Bodmer, Martin M. Gleisner, Kurt Jooss, Albrecht Knust, Harald Kreutzburg, Gertrude Snell-Friedburg, Adda Heynssen, Bruno Snell, Anna Maletic, Joan Goodrich, F.C. Lawrence, Martha Graham 1954 13 pp.12-28
Excerpts from notes on Dance Dramas:  ‘The Fool’s Mirror’; ‘The Earth’;  ‘The Swinging Cathedral’; ‘The Titan (1926)’. 1955 15 pp.12-23
Education through the Arts – lecture for the Society of Education Through Art Conference 1957 19 pp.4-7
The Objective Observation of Subjective Movement – lecture at International Association of P.E. for Girls and Women in 1957 1957 19 pp.12-13
Movement Concerns the Whole Man – lecture for the Joint Council for Education through Art Conference in 1958 1958 21 pp.9-13
The Rhythm of Living Energy – ‘A living organism is the most perfect engine we can imagine.’ 1959 22 pp.40-47
The Importance of Dancing – read by Lisa Ullmann as Laban Lecture at AGM 1959 1959 22 pp.5-17
Meaning – unfinished article excerpts – basic actions, basic shapes, basic meanings of dance movement. 1959 22 pp.22-24
The Educational and Therapeutic Value of Dance – unfinished article excerpts 1959 22 pp.18-21
Dance as a Discipline – ‘Dance can best be explained by dancing.  Seeing dances with a mind opened by personal experience in dance and perhaps by some knowledge of the problems of dance is the next possibility of understanding what dance is and means.’ 1959 22 pp.33-39
Dance and Symbol – ‘Dance is an indulging in purely expressive acts.  The process of symbolisation is very active in dance.’ 1959 22 pp.25-28
The Aesthetic Approach to the Art of Dancing – translated by Leni Heaton – ‘Dance takes its place alongside the two other dynamic arts, poetry and music, with particular significance, based mainly upon the universality of its means of expression.’ 1959 22 pp.29-32
The Rhythm of Effort and Recovery – Part 1 – ‘For man the relationship is one of the most important aspects of the great number of rhythmical alternations observable in nature.’ 1959 23 pp.18-23
The Rhythm of Effort and Recovery – Part 2 1960 24 pp.12-18
Light – Darkness 1960 25 pp.13-17
Dance in General 1961 26 pp.11-24
Notes on Choral Dancing 1969 43 pp.5-7
Extract from an Address to a Meeting for Community Dance in 1936 1974 52 pp.6-11
Lisa Ullmann as a Producer (1951) 2011 30.2 pp.13-14
Looking Back: Some Articles that caught our Eye. President’s Address at the Annual General Meeting of the Laban Art ofMovement Guild, 27th August 1947. 1999 18.4 pp.6-7