Movement, Dance & Drama will be produced bimonthly from January 2022 and will be available to subscribers as part of their subscription.
Editor – Dr Clare Lidbury


Save the Date (Oct 21-23) – Book your Place – Online Symposium Dartington Hall
Trustees Report September 2023
Creative Sanctuary: Refugees at Dartington in the 1930s – Clare Lidbury
Ladders of Laban: exploring swinging scales and virtual scaffolding – LGI Space Harmony Hub
Rudolf Laban and Warren Lamb – A team Movement Pattern Analysis – Antja Kennedy
The Movement Man – memories of my father Warren Lamb – Imogen Lamb with the help of Tim Lamb
Theatre Movement and Dance in Greece – Summer 2023 – Cecilia Dorman
UNESCO CID 60th Congress of Dance Research in Athens 5-9 July 2023 – Penelope Boff
The 60th World Dance Congress of Dance Research, Review – Darren Royston
A Quick Note to Self in Rehearsal for The Morphea – Rowenna Mortimer
The Laban Creative Dance Collective – Helena Softley Eden
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