21/04/2021 – Laban Guild for Movement and Dance name changed to Laban Guild International
01/01/1992 – The Laban Art of Movement Guild name changed to the Laban Guild for Movement and Dance
05/08/1987 – Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship Fund registered as a charity with Charitable Objects: the advancement of education in the field of movement and dance, in particular by the provision of assistance with expenses incurred travelling in the UK or abroad to attend a conference course of study or to pursue a research project in the same field.
25/01/1985 – Death of Lisa Ullmann
22/05/1979 – Death of Kurt Jooss
29/04/1974 – The Laban Art of Movement Guild charity registration with Charitable Objects: the promotion and advancement of the study of human movement particularly recognising the contribution made by the late Rudolf Laban.
18/09/1973 – Death of Mary Wigman
01/07/1958 – Death of Rudolf Laban
12/12/1946 – Founding of The Art of Movement Guild
17/06/1907 – Date of birth of Lisa Ullmann
15/12/1879 – Date of birth of Rudolf Laban